Relocating to Ottawa? Let us be your guide to moving to the Nation's Capital!

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When moving, you'd be surprised at the number of people or companies you'll need to hire to make the process go smoothly. From home inspectors to lawyers to mortgage brokers, there are a number of professionals that you will need to consider hiring. If you're moving within Ottawa, then here are some recommendations for professionals in certain areas.

Mortgage Brokers
Getting a good mortgage can mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings. While there are big companies that can get you good rates, often times it is recommended to go with a more personal approach. Check out Nick Bachusky who has a great reputation in Ottawa. Visit their website.

Home Inspectors
Before closing your deal, usually a home inspection is in order. There are plenty of home inspectors in Ottawa, but we recommend you go with someone who is a member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. Visit their website to search for someone. Visit their website.

Real Estate Lawyers
When choosing a lawyer, price is a big decision. Most lawyers will do the job right so you should really opt to go with someone who might save you a bit of money. After doing some dillegence and asking around, we found that Guertin Lawyers had the best rates and a good reputation. Visit their website.